Photoshop fun

well, no comic today but I thought I would share some photo edits I did that I think are a lot of fun. This first one isn’t from a photo, it from a drawing someone did of me. DJ from the penny arcade art forums drew a pencil drawing of me and I really liked it. So I was bored and dropped it into a live trace program that converts raster to vectors and made  it an EPS file. After that I lightly colored it in photoshop and then found some sprite art, made it huge and layered it on top of it! Bingo Bango, fun cool looking pictures. The first one is me, the second is my wife and the rest are friends of mine. Hope you like them!


About nickfolz

Thirty-something maker of drawings. I like jazz, cartoons, hats, glasses and backpacks. I am married to an awesome lady, have one awesome daughter and two just okay dogs. I don't know my blood type, sorry.
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