This is how I roller ball: Pen Post

Hello dear reader. This is dedicated to those who love pens, paper, notebooks, and what not.  I have come to find out that many people I know have a favorite pen.  Just ask someone and they generally don’t have to think about it very long. Some of my friends keep a collection of their favorite pens or notebooks with them.

I carry such a selection:Collection

Above: Pen Case, Two Moleskins, Three Pack Bristol Board stored in a Laptop Case.

I have converted an old PSP case I bought from a dollar store into a pen bag. I know, I know, but it works fine:

pen case

Inside I have a bunch of erasers, lead refills, gray scale markers, and a sharpie or two. But the main line-up I use is here:

Pens and pencils

From Left To Right: Alvin Draftmatic .09, Alvin Draftmatic .03, Uniball KuruToga .05, Pilot Precise V5, Faber Castell Black Brush Pen, Staedtler .07, ZIG Millennium .08

I could write and write about all of them, but I will focus on three:

Alvin Draftmatic .09 is awesome.  I like a writing utensil to feel sturdy, like a machine. Boy does this fit the bill. More of a drafting tool than a pencil, you could drop this thing from the scaffolding of a skyscraper and it wouldn’t be phased. I like the .09 lead because you can actually shade with it because of the large surface area. Also would make a great makeshift weapon in the zombie apocalypse.

Pilot Precise V5: Once again, this pen is a work horse. I had one for almost six months, I lost it before it ran out of ink. I am a fan of the utilitarian design and style, but the cold hard fact is this pen preforms better than any other pen, needle tipped or otherwise,  I have used.  My favorite writing utensil period.

The Uniball Kuru Toga: This is THE mechanical pencil to have if all you are doing is writing words. That is probably hard to understand, what I am saying is this isn’t a great drawing pencil. It IS a great writing pencil, because it rotates the lead while you write so that the lead stays sharp. Let me repeat that. It rotates the frickin’ lead WHILE YOU WRITE. The way it does this is through the pressing and lifting of the pencil to the paper, so if you are are writing you are doing this fairly frequently. If you are drawing, well, you are doing this inconsistently. Some lines are longer than others and there-for the edge doesn’t stay as sharp. But this is hands down the best pencil to lay out text with. Plus it’s cool to show off.

I keep my paper, Bristol Board, in a laptop case that I got for free when my lovely wife bought me my messenger bag. Bristol is a heavy stock brand of paper they sell at most art stores, it has a heavy tooth (texture) that holds ink really well.

I have two moleskins, one is a sketch book and the other is mainly for writing and lists and whatnot.

My two Moleskins

And that is it, my studio on the go. I have everything I need in my messenger bag to make comics, now if only I could learn how to draw…


About nickfolz

Thirty-something maker of drawings. I like jazz, cartoons, hats, glasses and backpacks. I am married to an awesome lady, have one awesome daughter and two just okay dogs. I don't know my blood type, sorry.
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2 Responses to This is how I roller ball: Pen Post

  1. Why are you concerned that it is an old PSP case? You got it cheap and it looks like it is a perfect school supplies carrier! Sounds like a score to me….

  2. nickfolz says:

    I don’t know… it’s kind of cheap and I had to hack it up to make it work. I do use it a lot, and it works perfect for me so I guess I am lucky!

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